• Structural characteristics of precision panel saw

    Sliding table saw can process all kinds of wood structures with similar hardness, such as density board, particleboard, man-made board, ABS board, PVC board, plexiglass board and solid wood; The guide rail of the mobile worktable is a ball differential structure with high positioning accuracy. Th...
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  • How to improve production efficiency of edge banding machine

    Edge banding is an important process in the manufacturing process of panel furniture. The automatic linear edge banding machine used by furniture companies often becomes a production bottleneck during use, and it is also easy to cause unstable edge banding quality. Improving the production effici...
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  • How to improve the efficiency of CNC router machine

    How to maximize the production efficiency of a panel furniture production line so that it can create maximum production value for the enterprise is the most concerned issue of every business owner. If you want to use a panel production line without considering the product For maximum efficiency, ...
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  • Matters needing attention when edge banding machine processing plates

    The edge banding machine is an indispensable machine for plate processing. Many plates need to be processed by the edge banding machine. The quality of the plate is related to many factors. Next, let’s talk about what problems should be paid attention to when processing the plate by the edg...
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  • The influence of temperature on the woodworking edge banding machine

    The temperature of the hot melt adhesive, the temperature of the base material, the temperature of the edge banding material and the temperature of the working environment (the workshop where the woodworking edge banding machine is located) are all very important edge ba...
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  • How to operate the edge banding machine daily can prolong the service life

    If the edge banding machine is frequently used daily and the maintenance is not in place, it will lead to the premature aging of the edge banding machine equipment over time, thereby shortening the service life, so the daily care and regular maintenance of the edge bandi...
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  • Engraving machines can be used to make furniture, why use CNC ROUTER machines?

    CNC ROUTER machine is nothing more than cutting and engraving, ordinary woodworking engraving machine can also do it, why buy a CNC ROUTER? Many customers have such a question. Moreover, the price of CNC ROUTER is much higher than that of ordinary multi-process woodworking engraving machine. What...
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  • How does the CNC cutting machine make the furniture more refined?

    How does the CNC cutting machine make the furniture more refined?

    CNC router is used to customize panel furniture, it has become a popular trend in the furniture industry. Its appearance, smooth color, and diversified shapes can be freely DIY according to the room layout. Many advantages make panel furniture a choice for many people. The wide application of int...
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  • Advantage of Gladline precision panel saw

    Precision panel saw is a traditional woodworking machinery. It is widely used in furniture producing industrial. The advantage of sliding table saw is as below. 1. The precision panel saw is 45° electric and manual dual-purpose, adopts a unique bearing seat form, and has less friction. 2. The mai...
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  • Edge banding machine

    Edge banding machine is widely used in furniture production industry. How many types of woodworking edge banding machines are there? According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into manual edge banding machine, semi-automatic edge banding machine and full-automatic edge banding machi...
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  • Common sense of sliding table saw

    Common sense of sliding table saw

    Precise panel saw is very an important equipment in furniture factory. Under the torrent of scientific and technological intelligent manufacturing and artificial energy creation, all kinds of new products in the machinery industry emerge one after another. However, there are almost always sliding...
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  • ATC cnc router with auto tool changer

    Straight-line auto tool changer CNC router center type model will gradually replace the four processes CNC router and become the popular model in the CNC router. The more high-end models in the straight-line auto tool changer CNC router center includes straight-line bits warehouse plus saw blades...
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