Why straight row automatic knife changing woodworking CNC router machine is popular recently

As customized furniture has become the mainstream of the home furnishing industry, many furniture factories began to equip professional woodworking CNC router machine in order to meet the needs of customized production. At present, the common single machine equipment in the market includes four process woodworking CNC router machine, straight row tool change woodworking CNC router machine, double spindle plus row drill woodworking CNC router machine, etc., especially the straight row tool change woodworking CNC router machine is used more frequently.

The straight row tool changing woodworking CNC router machine is a numerical control equipment with 12 tool heads automatically switched. The cabinet door dual-mode system can meet the processes of cutting, punching, cutting, carving and so on. Especially for those with more cabinet doors, more than four knives, more cabinet doors and less cabinet body processing, you can choose the straight row knife changing woodworking CNC router machine. It is suitable for panel furniture, cabinet door, office furniture, customized furniture and other industries. Machinable board: multilayer board, particleboard, ecological board, density board and other boards.

Product features of straight row tool change woodworking CNC router machine:

1. High power spindle, cutting, punching, grooving, carving can be achieved.

2. Straight row 12 tool magazine, easy to change tools, can achieve more processing technology.

3. The cabinet door dual-mode system can realize fast punching in the cabinet mode and accurate carving in the cabinet door mode.

4. The dust-free working system of the equipment can avoid the wanton dust in the processing process and improve the working environment of workers.

5. The fuselage is welded with square tubes and tempered to eliminate welding stress and ensure no deformation after long-term use. The surface of the fuselage is treated by sand blasting, shot blasting and vibration aging to increase the adhesion of the paint surface, prevent paint falling, oxidation and rust, and protect the fuselage. The machine body uses large gantry CNC five side milling to process the guide rail and rack safety surface, and mechanical drilling and tapping to ensure the accuracy of the equipment. The mechanical structure adopts gantry type, which has stable performance and ensures the smooth operation of the equipment.

To sum up, compared with other cutting models, the direct row knife changing woodworking CNC router machine has more functions, relatively low price and higher comprehensive cost performance, so it is more popular with furniture manufacturers. However, at any time, manufacturers should choose machines according to their actual processing conditions to avoid wasting equipment functions.


Post time: Aug-05-2022