How to choose the edge banding machine, sliding table saw, drilling machine

Panel furniture woodworking machinery is a kind of furniture machine made of artificial boards such as man-made board, fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, blockboard and laminated wood, mainly including CNC router machine, sliding table saw, edge banding machine, multi-row drilling machine, sanding machine, etc.

Panel furniture factories should choose equipment according to sales orders and their own investment scale.

If the orders are all loose orders, that is, single piece and small batch, and your investment scale is not large, you can choose the precision panel saw (the precision panel saw is divided into many grades, and you should choose the one with better cost performance, first to ensure the sawing accuracy, and second to ensure the reliability of the equipment); multi-row drilling machine can choose double-row drilling machine or three-row drilling machine. If the cabinet side plate is long and there are many diaphragm holes, you can also choose four-row drilling machine. Usually, double-row drilling machine is used for single piece and small batch production; For edge banding machine, semi-automatic edge banding machine or automatic edge banding machine with simple function can be considered.

If the order quantity is large and the variety is single, you can choose the CNC cutting saw supplemented by the precision panel saw to cooperate with the plate sawing; The automatic edge banding machine with more functions is selected for the edge banding machine; For multi-row drilling machine, four rows drilling machine and double rows drilling machine can be considered. This configuration has a high degree of automation, high production efficiency and less employment, but the one-time investment will be larger.

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Post time: Jul-11-2022