Automatic edge sealing machine and sliding table saw

As people’s demand for wood products in life gradually increases, the development of woodworking machines in solid wood mechanical specialty develops faster and faster.

What is the edge banding machine, as the name suggests, it is used to seal board furniture edge, but it can be highly automated by the edge sealing program to complete the transmission of the directly feeding -gluing -tape cutting -end cutting -edge trimming-fine trimming-scrapping-polising. As the trend of future development, the advantages reflected by the full automatic edge banding machine in the process of the edge seal shine. The quality of the edge banding directly affects the quality, price and grade of the furniture product. Through the edge, the appearance quality of the furniture can be improved well, and the corners of the furniture are damaged during transportation and use. At the same time, it can play a role in the release and reduction of deformation of waterproof and closed harmful gases, and it can also beautify furniture and make users full of happiness.

And the computer woodworking sliding table saw used in conjunction is to use fully automatic touch control, human -machine integrated operation. Workers enter the data required on the touch screen or PC, start the machine, and automatically operate the machine to accurately cut the boards that need to be processed. Machinery. The cooperation between the two complements each other. The golden decade of the development of the domestic property market is also a good decade of our woodworking machinery industry. The popularity of the popularity of hardcover housing has become higher and higher in high -precision, beautiful, and fair price. It also stimulates the progress of our industry.

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Post time: Jul-20-2022