How to choose the CNC router machine control system?

Customers will consult a question when buying a woodworking CNC router machine. What does the control system use? Which control system is better?


Most of the woodworking CNC router machine systems are new systems, Baoyuan systems, Weihong systems and mountain dragon systems.

Among them, the new generation and Baoyuan system are R & D and production in Taiwan. The Weihong system is Shanghai, and the mountain dragon system is Shenzhen.

Due to different prices and different functionality, each system is also different.

The Taiwan Baoyuan system is called the originator of the woodworking CNC router machine control system, but for some reasons, the market share is not very high, so it is not known by many people, but the stability and functionality are still performing well.

Taiwan’s SYNTEC woodworking CNC router machine control system is a stable one. Its function is very powerful. It supports signal feedback and alarm reminder. When the woodworking CNC router machine is turned on, the system can automatically detect whether the transmission components of each connection are automatically detected. If the accessories are damaged, the processing process of the woodworking CNC router machine can automatically feedback the woodworking CNC router machine during processing. If the actual processing itinerary does not reach the instruction value given by the system parameters, the system will continuously send a signal to the transmission device, so that the actual processing parameters of the transmission device are infinitely close to the infiniteness of the transmission device. System parameter value.

The domestic Shanghai Vehicle and Shenzhen Shanlong System are relatively cheap, and the functionality is also fully satisfied with the woodworking feeder.

The Weihong NK260 system used in the feeder and the L1000 and CI1030 of the mountain dragon are still very good. If the budget is not high, you can consider the systems of these two brands.

Functionally speaking, Taiwan’s SYNTEC woodworking CNC router machine control system IS basically semi -closed control systems, which have good signal coding feedback functions, so they will self -examination. Most of the Vehicle and Shanlong system are open -loop control systems, and there is no signal coding feedback. The boot will not be deeply self -inspection, but for the opening of the plate furniture, the parameters are set, and there will be no big problems.

Therefore, the four models of the domestic market are basically good. Customers can select the SYNTEC system, Baoyuan system, Weihong system or mountain dragon system according to their own purchase budget

Post time: Jul-18-2022