20220617 What is the common problems of sanding machine

We all know that people are always sick. In fact, it is not just a person. Even when the computers we think are absolutely wrong now, there are errors and faults, let alone some large machines. For sanding machine, which is now widely used by many manufacturers, if it is not well maintained or working for too long, sometimes there will be some problems. So understanding the common faults and solutions of sanding machine is very helpful for timely exclusion of machine failures. Let’s take a closer look here.

First of all, for a type of sanding machine such as wide belt sanding machine, the problem that is more likely to occur is the band of the sand belt. The cause of this situation is caused by improper adjustment of the sand belt. In addition, if the dust concentration is too high, it may also cause the sand belt to run off.

Secondly, the belt is broken. If it does not solve the problem in a timely manner after running off, it is easy to cause the shat belt, but it may also be because it is not replaced after the belt is blunt. The situation may occur, and the second may also be caused by too much workload. However, no matter the cause of the belt caused by that reason, you should pay attention to avoid it, because if the belt is broken during the scrub, it is easy to cause the fire.

In addition to the above two problems, there are many other problems in the process of using wide belt sanding machine to pay attention to. I will not introduce it to you one by one here. I hope you can pay attention to these common problems and There is a certain understanding of the solution, so it is good to solve it in time when there is a problem.

Post time: Jun-18-2022