Maintenance of CNC Router machine during holidays

CNC Router machine maintenance during holidays:

1. CNC Router machine Chassis

Cut off the power supply of the distribution box, use a vacuum cleaner (note: household vacuum cleaner) to clean the dust in the distribution cabinet (note: do not blow it directly with an air gun, raising dust will cause poor contact of the electronic components), after cleaning, place it in the case to dry. agent

2. CNC Router machine fuselage

After cleaning the dust and impurities on the machine tool screw, rack and guide rail with an air gun, use a brush to brush the gear rack and guide rail with lubricating oil (use machine tool guide oil ISO VG-32~68 mechanical oil, no butter), It has been ensured that there is oil on the guide rails and racks of each axis (open the oiler on the machine to add oil to each lubricating block), and drain the water from the oil-water separator in the bed

3. CNC Router machine row drilling package

The air gun cleans the surface impurities, and the CNC drilling gear box needs to be filled with lubricating oil from the filling nozzle: add 5cm³, lubricating grease

4.  CNC Router machine spindle and tool holder

The tool holder on the spindle should be removed, and the taper hole of the spindle should be wiped clean with a clean rag. Check whether the handle is loose, please tighten the nut and loosen it first, clean the spring clip and the impurities on the nut with an air gun, wipe it with a clean rag, and then wipe it with a little oil on the handle, nut, and taper shank.

5. CNC Router machine vacuum pump

The user of the water-cooled vacuum pump should clean the water in the vacuum pump before the holiday to avoid freezing and freezing, and the air-cooled vacuum pump should clean the filter element

6. CNC Router machine vacuum cleaner

Clean the dust and impurities in the vacuum port, and clean the sawdust in the cloth bag

7. CNC Router machine cover the equipment

The equipment is well maintained, if possible, it can be covered with a plastic bag (machine tool cover) to prevent dust from falling

8. CNC Router machine Instructions before leaving the factory

Before the customer leaves the factory, all electrical equipment should be fully powered, and the main intake switch should be turned off to avoid unmanned management during holidays and unnecessary troubles.

Post time: May-26-2022