Hydraulic Lock Composer

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Model: MJ2500-14/ MJ2500-20

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Hydraulic Lock Composer is mainly used to assemble large boards. Its main function is to process small-diameter wood and other wood core materials to make various board materials, and then go through various types of gluing and extrusion. After heating and other processes, a solid core board is finally formed, so it is of great significance in wood processing and greatly improves the overall work efficiency.

Hydraulic Lock Composer (4)
Hydraulic Lock Composer (3)

Hydraulic Lock Composer is used for wood splicing, which is to splice the processed small pieces of wood into large plates; it not only improves the quality of the plates, improves the physical performance of the original plates, but also expands the scope of use of the plates; it is used in integration The splicing of all kinds of wood in industries such as wood, furniture manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, and vehicles. The equipment is composed of frame, reducer, main shaft, active sprocket, passive sprocket, chain, beam, clamp concrete, auxiliary compression and electrical system, air circuit system, etc.

The motor drives the main shaft through a reducer. The main shaft is equipped with an eight-sided flat wheel. A total of 4 beams are installed on the beam. There are 8 clamps on the beams, and each clamp is equipped with a screw. The clamping work is completed by a pneumatic (hydraulic) trigger, (plates with a thickness of less than 30mm use auxiliary compression). After splicing, the eight stations are naturally dried, and the material can be unloaded and the splicing operation can be repeated. Electrically controlled air circuit system. Except for the pneumatic (hydraulic) trigger and the compression cylinder, which are operated manually, the rest are controlled by button operation. The clamping unit is reversed, the material rack is retracted, the clamping unit is rotated forward, and the material rack is forwarded to complete the assembly. The board and unloading board are cycled to realize automatic control.


Model MY2500-14 MY2500-20
Max. processing length 2500mm 2500mm
Max. processing width 1250mm 1250mm
Processing thickness 10-90mm 10-90mm
Section quantity 14 pc 20 pc
Clamps quantity per section 8 pc 8 pc
Hydraulic gun quantity 1 pc 1 pc
Power 5.1KW 5.1KW
Hydraulic pressure 8Mpa 8Mpa
Installation Size 4500*3800*3650 mm 5000*5500*3650 mm
Packing Size 3800*2200*2200mm 5500*2200*2200mm
Weight 4800kg 6000kg

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