Woodworking Precise Panel Saw GP6130TY

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Precision panel saw, also called sliding table saw and precise panel saw, our sliding table saw is heavy duty machine structure, it works very stable and very easy to operate. The saw blade adopts a special lifting structure, which has a small load, labor saving. Sliding table adopts European seat, which has good rigidity, no vibration, no deformation, and long life.

Model: GP6130TY

Cutting length: 3000mm

Saw blade up and down: manual, electrical is optional

Angle tilting: manual, electrical is optional

Voltage: According to customer’s request

Warranty: 1 year warranty

Service: OEM and Customizable

Free insurance is available

Free LCL sea freight for some destination port

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Precise Panel Saw is used for cutting wood structures such as density board, particle board, ABS board, PVC board, plexiglass, solid wood, and boards with similar hardness.

Technical Data

Machine Group Precise Panel Saw
Dimension of sliding table 3000x375 mm
Gross cut capacity 3000 mm
Width of cut between saw blade and rip fence 1250 mm
Tilting saw group 0-45°
Diameter of main saw blade 300 mm
Max cutting height (90°) 80 mm
Max cutting height (45°) 55mm
Speed of main saw spindle 4000/6000 r.p.m
Main saw motor power 5.5 kw
Main spindle diameter 30 mm
Diameter of scoring saw blade 120 mm
Speed of scoring saw spindle 8000 r.p.m
Scoring saw motor power 1.1 kw
Scoring saw spindle diameter 20 mm (Φ120mm)
Machine Size 3050*3150*900mm
Net Weight 700 KG
Gross Weight With Wooden Box 750 KG

Detail Pictures

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● 0-45°angle tilting, adopting a unique bearing seat form, with less friction

● The main spindle adopts a combination of swing arm and slider, which overcomes the shortcomings of the slider type main saw that is easy to get stuck when lifting.

● The main saw and scoring saw of the precision panel saw adopt a fully sealed structure, which is not easy to enter the dust, so it has the advantages of long life and fewer failures.

● The main saw of the precision panel saw is supported by secondary processing technology, which makes the machine more stable.

● The machine body is made of straight steel plate, not a coil, and the machine body will not be deformed

● The precision panel saw adopts high-temperature baking paint, so the freshness preservation ability is 3 to 5 times longer than that of ordinary spray paint.


Q1: Are you a factory?

A: We are a specialized woodworking machinery manufacturer

Q2: Can I make an OEM order?

A: Yes, we accept OEM and customized

Q3: How do I do the installation of the machine?

A: We provide installation guide for you and if it is necessary, we will send our installation team to job site.

Q4: Do you have a MOQ?

A: 1 set

Q5: How long is the warranty?

A: 1 year

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