Woodworking Precise Panel Saw GP6128Y

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Model: GP6128Y


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Precise Panel Saw is used for cutting wood structures such as density board, particle board, ABS board, PVC board, plexiglass, solid wood, and boards with similar hardness.

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8-GP6128Y - 1


Machine Group Precise Panel Saw
Dimension of sliding table 2800x320 mm
Gross cut capacity 2800 mm
Width of cut between saw blade and rip fence 1250 mm
Tilting saw group 0-45°
Diameter of main saw blade 300 mm
Max cutting height (90°) 70 mm
Max cutting height (45°) 55mm
Speed of main saw spindle 4000/6000 r.p.m
Main saw motor power 5.5 kw
Main spindle diameter 30 mm
Diameter of scoring saw blade 120 mm
Speed of scoring saw spindle 8000 r.p.m
Scoring saw motor power 1.1 kw
Scoring saw spindle diameter 20 mm (Φ120mm)
Machine Size 2850*3150*900mm
Net Weight 700 KG
Gross Weight with Wooden Box 750 KG

Precision sliding table saw is mainly used in the following aspects in the production of panel furniture:

⑴Material cutting: When large furniture companies have reciprocating panel saws, sliding table saw is used for panel cutting or auxiliary panel cutting;

⑵Broken material: break the material for small-sized parts;

⑶ Grooving: Mainly used to groove the bottom of the drawer, the back panel, and the edge of the wooden frame glass door;

⑷Saw angle and bevel processing: according to personalized furniture design plan to complete special-shaped and bevel processing.


1. According to the workload, dust removal should be carried out on the inside of the machine regularly to ensure the normal heat dissipation of the motor.

2. Regularly remove dust from the sliding table track to ensure the smooth operation of the sliding table.

3. Check the belt regularly and replace it in time if it is found to be worn.

4. Regularly inject oil into the parts of the machine body that need to be lubricated to ensure stable and quiet operation of the equipment.

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