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Hot Press Machine is customizable.

Model: GH1001~1006/GH1201~1206/GH1601~1605/GH2001~2002

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Hot Press Machine is suitable for furniture manufacturers, wooden door factories, and wood-based panel secondary processing veneers. It is one of the main machines of woodworking machinery. It is mainly used for hot-pressing and bonding furniture panels, building partitions, wooden doors, and fire doors. Surface material veneer. In all kinds of man-made boards, such as: plywood, blockboard, MDF, particle board, various decorative materials, decorative cloth, veneer, PVC and so on.

Hot Press Machine can also be used for the drying and leveling of veneers, and the leveling and shaping of colored decorative wood chips, with significant effects.


Type GH1001~1006 GH1201~1206 GH1601~1605 GH2001~2002
Size (feet) 4*8 4*8 4*8 4*8
Dimension of the hot platens 1300x2500*42 mm 1300x2500*42 mm 1300x2500*42 mm 1300x2500*42 mm
Pressure 100T 120T 160T 200T
Number of the layers 1~6 1~6 1~5 1~2
Max service opening 80-120 mm 80-120 mm 80-120 mm 80-120 mm

The working principle of the Hot Press Machine:

Positive pressure is applied on the basis of negative pressure, with special glue. For the processing of PVC series, the hot press machine has a linear shape and adhesion force that cannot be compared with negative pressure equipment. Because of its high pressure, low temperature, and film The pressing time is short, which solves the problem of deformation of workpieces (especially large-area workpieces) when processed by negative pressure equipment, and greatly reduces the degree of deformation of the workpiece.

The advanced electronic new product control is adopted, and the processing procedures of entering, raising, heating, vacuum, film pressure, removing film, and lowering the stage can be automatically completed through adjustment. It is mainly powered by oil pressure and compressed air, so it must have sufficient air pressure and air volume. The frame is integrally processed by steel plate, and the overall structure is reasonable. The two workbenches can be recycled or used separately. The vacuum can be adjusted to low pressure first, then high pressure suction, the membrane pressure can reach 0.4MPa, and the product can achieve the desired effect through adjustment.

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