Double-row Drilling Machine

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Model: MZ73212D


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Woodworking Drilling Machine is a multi-hole processing machines with multiple drill bits and can work together. There are single-row, three-row, six-row and so on. Drilling Machine converts the traditional manual row drilling action into a mechanical action, which is automatically completed by the machine.


Max. diameter of holes 35 mm
Depth of drilled holes 0-60 mm
The number of spindles 21*2
Center distance between spindles 32 mm
Rotation of spindle 2840 r/min
Max dimensions of piece to be drilled 2500*920*70 mm
Total power 3 kw
Air pressure 0.5-0.8 Mpa
Gas consumption of drilling 10 panels per minute 10L/min approximately
Max distance of the two longitudinal heads 380 mm
Min distance of the two longitudinal heads 0 mm
Height of working plat form off ground 900 mm
Weight of the whole machine 680 kg
Over size 1900*2600*1600 mm
Packing size 1100*1300*1700 mm

Woodworking Drilling Machine Instruction:

1. Before work, you must comprehensively check whether each operating mechanism is normal, wipe the rocker rail with fine cotton yarn and fill it with lubricating oil.

2. Operate only after the rocker arm and the headstock are locked.

3. There must be no obstacles within the swing arm rotation range.

4. Before drilling, the workbench, workpiece, fixture and cutting tool of the drilling machine must be aligned and tightened.

5. Correctly select the spindle speed and feed rate, and do not use it with overload.

6. Drilling beyond the worktable, the workpiece must be stable.

7. When the machine tool is running and automatic feed, it is not allowed to change the tightening speed. If the speed is changed, it can only be carried out after the spindle is completely stopped.

8. The loading and unloading of cutting tools and measuring the workpiece must be carried out while the machine is stopped, and it is not allowed to directly drill the workpiece by hand, and do not operate with gloves.

9. If abnormal noises are found during work, you must stop immediately to check and troubleshoot.

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