Common sense of sliding table saw

Precise panel saw is very an important equipment in furniture factory. Under the torrent of scientific and technological intelligent manufacturing and artificial energy creation, all kinds of new products in the machinery industry emerge one after another. However, there are almost always sliding table saw in every production workshop. The sliding table saw is easy to operate, stable, safe and efficient. It is a necessary equipment for mass, standardized, mechanized and professional production of furniture. It is in an indispensable position in the production and manufacturing of furniture.
From the perspective of furniture production process, precise panel saw is a kind of cutting equipment. The so-called cutting is simply to cut the plate or solid wood into materials of a certain size or specification according to the demand. It is mainly applicable to the vertical and horizontal cutting of various materials such as man-made board, fiberboard, plywood, solid wood board and plastic board. It is also widely used in panel furniture industry, vehicle and ship manufacturing and other wood processing industries.
1.Precautions for using precise panel saw
During the operation of the sliding table saw, the workpiece shall be fixed, and the positioning of the profile shall comply with the cutting direction to avoid abnormal cutting, side pressure or curve cutting. The feeding shall be stable to avoid the impact of the blade on the workpiece, and the feeding speed shall not be too fast to avoid tooth breakage and damage.
In case of abnormal sound or vibration, rough cutting surface or peculiar smell during the use of sliding table saw, the operation must be terminated immediately, checked in time and eliminated to avoid accidents.

During the dry cutting process, the sliding table saw shall avoid continuous cutting for a long time, so as not to affect the service life and cutting effect of the saw blade; When cutting the wet sheet, add water to prevent electric leakage.

2.Tips for maintenance of sliding table saw
a.According to the workload, dust removal shall be carried out inside the sliding table saw machine regularly to ensure the normal heat dissipation of the motor
b.Regularly remove dust from the sliding table saw track to ensure the smooth operation of the sliding table
c.Regularly inspect the sliding table saw belt, and replace it in time in case of wear
d.Regularly inject oil into the parts of the machine body that need lubrication to ensure the stable and quiet operation of the equipment
e.Before maintenance, be sure to keep the switching power off.sdgd


Post time: Sep-18-2021